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Tips for shop use

SchmitterScan - Ordering via barcodes with a smartphone or tablet

If our shop is accessed on a smartphone or tablet, you will see an icon with the name "Scanner" in the upper right part of the start page.

This icon activates the camera function and allows you to scan a barcode.
Our shop will search the scanned barcode in the system and display the found article.

Afterwards you can enter the desired quantity and transfer it to the shopping cart by clicking the shopping cart symbol.

With the symbol at the bottom left you start the next scan.


Orders - Fast, simple, efficient

No more mistyping or number twisting

No expensive barcode scanner necessary - you use your smartphone or tablet

No installation necessary, works independently of the operating system (IOS, Android)

You have not yet equipped your warehouse with barcodes?

On request, we can also print the corresponding barcode on our product labels. These labels are double adhesive. Simply peel off and label the storage compartment.

 Alternatively, we can send you the required Schmitter warehouse labels free of charge. Please contact our office or field service.

Order with third party article numbers

In our shop you will find the desired article not only about the Schmitter article number or designation.
Our shop also knows a lot of third party article numbers. (Numbers of the manufacturers, competitors or on request also yours)

As you enter the numbers, our system uses the stored conversion tables.

Would you like to order with your own article numbers in the future? Then we need from you only a list with "your article number – Schmitter number". We then deposit these in the system promptly.

Fast entry

You would like to order several articles and have the article numbers available? Then use the different possibilities of fast entry. The following options are available under the menu item "Fast entry":

Fast entry through article import:

You have an Excel file, CSV or text file with order numbers and quantities?

Excel (xlsx): Copy the content directly from the file into the window provided.

CSV and TXT: Drag the file directly into the window with the mouse. Our shop system then automatically fills the shopping cart. (Sample files: CSV, TXT)

The following structure is important: article number, quantity (separation of article number and quantity by a semicolon)

Fast entry "Table":

Simply enter the article numbers and order quantities. These are then transferred to the shopping cart by clicking on "Start import". Click on the button "New Line" to expand the table with additional order items.

Fast entry "Single entry":

Via the single entry you come directly to the "article search". Here you work as usual with search terms (article number, description or parts of it) to find the desired article.

Watch list

On a watch list you can put articles that are interesting for you. (via symbol "watch list" on each article page)

A watch list you can save, recall or add to the shopping cart.

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